What is MuseumTrek?

You can now offer a fun mobile game as a way for your visitors to become more engaged while exploring your museum. Affordable to even the smallest museums, our mobile app offers a way for you to custom build a unique Trek through your exhibits. Your game can be as simple as a clue solving treasure hunt or as elaborate as a choose your own adventure’ style story which transports your visitors to another place or time.


How Does it Work?

  • Players download the game and enjoy - as simple as that!

  • For Builders, we provide the framework and our team will work with you to make the content of the game fun and unique to your museum.

    • social media sharing in real time
    • built in 'comment card’ allowing you to gather useful feedback from your museum visitors
    • coupons prompting a purchase at your restaurant or a discount in your gift shop

  • You determine which exhibits you want to showcase in your game

  • Gather your facts and photographs and use our easy Content Management System along with your imagination to create an exciting and interactive Trek through your museum

  • Use our style guides to customize your game with our extensive selection of background graphics

  • Our team will work with you to promote your game on your website and with signs to place around your museum

  • We provide ongoing support and service at a variety of levels, but your game content can be easily updated and maintained by any member of your staff with knowledge of your exhibits and events.